The new face of spreadsheets

GRID empowers you to instantly turn any spreadsheet into a beautiful, interactive web document that can be securely shared online.

Transform the way you work


GRID is a web-based tool that empowers you to create stunning charts, reports, and interactive visualizations using your own spreadsheet data and know-how.

Create and share stunning weekly sales reports, publish your dynamic data models and scenario analyses, or build a calculator without ever having to email your spreadsheet.

Save time, streamline your workflow, and add incredible value to your daily projects.

With GRID, you can completely transform your data. Using Microsoft Excel™, Google Sheets™ spreadsheets or plain data from CSV-files, you can quickly build interactive models and dynamic visualizations with the click of a button (or two 😉).

Best of all, you already have the spreadsheet skills to create impressive GRID documents!


GRID documents are easily manageable, work smoothly across all devices and allow you to make your data and models interactive. Your spreadsheet syncs seamlessly with GRID and remains under your control – no one else can edit or share your original file.

How it works

Building a GRID document is as easy as 1-2-3

1. Select your spreadsheet

Connect a spreadsheet file from a cloud service or upload it directly from your computer.


2. Create your GRID document

Our editor makes it possible to add and design the elements of your GRID document. Control which part of your spreadsheet you want to present, and how you want it to look.


3. Share with colleagues, or let the whole world know

Share your GRID document with a chosen few, or make it public – the choice is yours. Keep all your versions in one place – no more emailing that 'final2-FINAL.xlsx' 🙌




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Scenario planning

Jane’s department is planning the budget for next year. She has modelled the expenses in Excel. Her GRID document allows her team to interactively explore the effects of major decisions such as additional hiring, cutting travel expenses and hiring that new subcontractor.



Jerry has a spreadsheet that is regularly used to communicate sales results, pipeline status and tracking towards quota to the sales team. However, this spreadsheet is hard to read on a mobile device, and the mobile interface doesn’t allow any interaction. With GRID, Jerry and his team have a modern way to track their progress and a way for each salesperson to see their compensation given their own deal estimates.


“Spreadsheet as a Service”

Jenna is an engineer. She has built a spreadsheet model that allows contractors installing air conditioning units to enter the characteristics of a room, or an entire house, and returns a list of recommended equipment and setup. Currently Jenna sells this spreadsheet online, but with GRID she’s able to build a modern web interface on top of the spreadsheet, maintain a single version of the model and - best of all - fully control access without any risk that buyers will share her model with others.


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What people are saying

For people whose go-to tool is a spreadsheet, this is a game changer you have to try in order to understand.
Agnar Burgess - Business Partner at Klarna
    You have built the tool I’ve been looking for for 15 years.
Finnur Torfi Gunnarsson - Specialist at Vodafone
   Boring... boring... boring... wait, this is absolutely INSANE!
Gunnar Dofri - Lawyer
It's awesome to make narrated reports from my spreadsheets.
Thora Gudfinnsdottir - Product Analytics Expert at Avo
     A brilliant way to turn an Excel spreadsheet into a beautiful report, and to update the report very quickly.
Simon Gordon - Chairman at Facewatch
     GRID is one of the most innovative pieces of software I have seen in years.
Dan Berlin - SVP at Mad*Pow
A product that totally needs to exist.
Nimrod Priell - Investor and advisor at Educated Guess
Using GRID, we were able to create an interactive wage calculator built on a single spreadsheet, in just 40 minutes.
The Teacher's Union of Iceland