We're hiring! Two open developer positions

This position has been filled.

GRID is looking for two people to join our growing team:


This person will participate in the implementation of all aspects of the user facing part of our product, including basic web documents, data visualizations and our WYSIWYG-editor.

  • Experience: 3+ years in web development, with some demonstrable projects to share/show
  • Key technologies: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React, SVG


This person will participate in some or all aspects of GRID’s server-side development, as well as operations, arcitechture and implementation of continuous integration and cloud infrastructure.

  • Experience: 3+ years in server-side development, and significant experience in dev-ops and cloud-based operations.
  • Key technologies: Python, Node.js, AWS, Kubernetes, Postgres, Redshift

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We're deeply focused on building an inclusive culture and a diverse team, so we encourage people of different backgrounds from all walks of life to apply.

GRID is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) startup that gives spreadsheets wings. GRID’s user-friendly software empowers people to turn any spreadsheet into a beautiful web report, dashboard or interactive application.

We recently closed a $1M angel round of funding to build the first version of our commercial offering and prepare the go-to-market plans.

If you are the right person for either job, please contact us.